One aspect of Project Leadership's mission is to educate our members on the issues of most concern to residents of Huron County.  To that end, our classes each center around a specific theme; they meet in different venues each month; and they seek to expose our members to the many aspects of life throughout our county.  

Project Leadership's first class of the year is always our AG Tour. We generally visit one of the large commercial farms in southwest Huron County - an area known as "The Muck" due to the black soil that was once bottomland in The Great Black Swamp.  Today, farms around the small town of Celeryville provide produce for the likes of Kroger, Chipotle and other big name grocers and restaurants.   

Included in the tour is a visit to one of Huron County's numerous dairy farms.  The objective is to demonstrate to our class members the scope and importance of agriculture in Huron County.