Project Leadership participants will be selected by a review committee on the basis of completed applications that are received by August 20, 2020. (NOTE: Applications received after this date will be considered only if space remains in the class).

Preference will be given to candidates who, in addition to their leadership potential, would contribute to the overall strength and diversity of the class, and who have the time and resources to commit to the program, and to a future community service project. The class will be linmited to 25 members.

Requirements for Successful Participation:

  1. Attendence: The Project Leadership program runs from August 2020 through June 2021. Attendence at the Opening Retreat in August is mandatory. Classes meet on the second Thursday of each month from 4:00 - 8:00 PM, with the exception of the September agriculture class, which meets from 1:00 - 6:00 PM. In addition, a second October class will also be held for the purpose of examining critical issues and selecting community service projects.

    Attendence at each class session is required. In extenuating circumstances, if an absence is necessary, the program consultant must be notified in advance and the hours must be made up through documented community service or through an activity approved by the Project Leadership Board of Directors. A student who misses more than 6 hours of class time will be ineligible for graduation. Students are also required to work on a community service project throughout the year, outside the required class time.
  2. Tuition: Tuition for the Project Leadership is $550 A program sponsor may pay the entire amount, or any portion thereof. The student will be billed for the tuition upon his or her acceptance into the program. Tuition payments are due by the Opening Retreat in August. Scholarship assistance is available to individuals who may not otherwise be able to participate.
  3. Involvement: Participation in the Project Leadership of Huron County program requires a commitment of time from each individual, not only out of respect for the employer who sponsors him or her, but out of respect for the individual's team members on the community service project, and for the speakers who freely give of teir time to meet with the classes. An individual's success in the program depends in large part upon the degree to which he or she commits to active engagement in every aspect of the program.

Available Documents

Project Leadership Application

Download this PDF and return by scanning it to email or by USPS to:
Project Leadership Selection Committee
c/o Susan R. Moore, Program Consultant
320 Willow Dr
Plymouth, OH 44865

This is the application for the 22019-2020 Project Leadership program.